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Jen-Ken, Skutt, Paragon, Olympic, Evenheat, L&L, Cress, and more!

Kiln Repairs

All makes and models

As a kiln technician for Jen-Ken Kilns for almost 10 years, I have learned almost everything there is to know about what makes kilns tick.  I provide quality kiln servicing and parts to central Florida and beyond. Glass kilns, pottery kilns, jewelers kilns, and more.  Reach out to me through the Contact page to your left to get started!

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What to Expect

Before I take a trip to visit you and your kiln, I'll need as much info as possible.  Be prepared to troubleshoot over the phone, and send photos of the kiln and spec plates.  The goal of this is to SAVE YOU MONEY.  I am very thorough, and you don't want to pay me to come out twice.  ;) 
Before I come, I can make you a written estimate of what I expect the repair costs to look like.  No work will be done outside of what is on the estimate without your prior approval.


$80 service fee minimum (covers up to first hour of work)

$80 per hour labor, 1/2 minimums (after 1st hour)

National mileage rate for travel (.67 cents per mile for 2024)

OEM factory parts  (some refurbished parts are available, fully disclosed)

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